About Sofie:

934065_247563715386168_1585066104_nSofie was diagnosed on November 16, 2011, at the age of 6 with a Stage 4 Wilms Tumor, a type of kidney cancer. At the time of diagnosis, the cancer had already spread through Sofie’s abdomen and into her lungs. She began a very aggressive treatment plan at Brenner Children’s Hospital in Winston-Salem. Her treatment included multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation. After almost a year on treatment, Sofie’s doctors believed her cancer was gone and she was in remission.

Sadly, in May of 2013, Sofie relapsed. A large softball-size tumor was found on Sofie’s right lung during a routine scan. The fight began again. This time her treatment plan was even more aggressive, as her condition was now considered life threatening. She continued to receive chemotherapy at Brenner’s. She then had almost 5 months of high-dose chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant at Duke Hospital in Durham. She was isolated on a sterile unit during her stay there and sofie recentspent 8 days in ICU on life support. But she survived, her new cells en-grafted, and she was miraculously able to return home. When she returned to Winston-Salem, her treatment was concluded with extensive radiation to the right lung.

Sofie relapsed on May 19, 2014. She spent several months on treatment. Again, her cancer went into remission. Sadly, Sofie relapsed on January 16, 2015 when a large tumor was found.

She remained on an oral, pill form of chemo which she took 5 days per month and one infusion chemo that she received once monthly. She continued to have one large tumor and several smaller ones in her lungs which stayed predominately “stable” throughout 2015 & 2016.

In early 2017 scans showed the tumor in her lung had grown significantly. At the end of February Sofie had a long and extensive surgery to remove the tumor in her lung. In mid-March she had a second surgery to repair damage from the tumor on her lung.  This was done for her comfort and to prolong her life.

Heartrendingly, in May of 2017, a scan revealed a very large tumor returned in another section of her lung. Sofie opted for no further treatments except to manage her pain and discomfort with breathing. Sofie passed on May 28 of 2017 surrounded by her loving family. She will forever be remembered in our hearts as the beautiful, spunky, and caring soul that she was. She is our light, every smile we bring to a warrior or survivor is a reminder of her beautiful smile to keep fighting and keep supporting.