Passing the Torch

Good day everyone. It is with very mixed emotions that I announce my resignation as President of the Pink Heals Triad Chapter. It was my every intention to get this Chapter up and running and hold the position for two years then turn it over through the election process. Well two years turned into four REALLY fast.

On October 3rd 2016, which is our Chapters 4 year anniversary, I will vacate my office and turn the day to day operation over to our Board and the Chapters new President, Whitney Ladd!

I will still be very much involved with the Triad Chapter and still doing events and the home visits that I love with ALL my heart. I am still this Regions VP for the National Pink Heals Tour, so I will still be around. I just need more time to focus on my family and taking care of my mother.

I know you will be as kind as and as helpful to Whitney as you have been to me during my tenure. I know with her leading and more community effort, this Chapter can become even greater! I love this program and I love all who support it. Please continue to focus on keeping our fundraising dollars local!


Chuck Goins