Welcome to the Triad Pink Heals

Supporting People, Not Causes

After thousands of miles and even more hugs, Triad Pink Heals will be closing our chapter. This comes after months of prayer and reflection. I would like to thank those who took the time to volunteer and give of themselves to have made the past 10yrs GREAT! Thank you to Dave Graybill for entrusting your vision to me. I want to also thank the Walsh family and Ian’s Bodyworks for all of their help and support. Thanks also to ERCU, Heidi’s uniforms, David Daggett, and Jones Racing Company for being great partners over the years.
But most importantly WE would like to thank Sofie Zuluaga (RIP) and her family, Whitney Williams and her family for allowing us to carry your names and your stories to the thousands of Warriors, Survivors, and their families for inspiration. Your courage enabled me to push on. We have touched tens of thousands of lives and for that, I am most thankful.
Our Facebook page will continue to be available. My hope is to have the Sofie Truck on display at some point so that the community may continue to sign it and leave special messages for their loved ones.
I want to leave you with this… Give your life purpose, be selfless and give back. The feeling you get is indescribable.
Chuck Goins